Transforming Tourism in the Post-Covid Economy

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Who Are We

We are a team of high-profile content creators led and curated by LiveRich Media. This team of content creators with millions of combined followers takes pride in producing viral content for clients. As a highly sought-after team, we travel to luxury destinations all around the world and showcase the beauty of these destinations to billions on a global platform.

What We Do

We combine our extensive social media reach with the exclusivity of luxury destinations to create breathtaking content that will capture billions. We use this to create undeniable interest and demand for these destinations which then naturally encourages the billions watching to visit these amazing destinations, boosting tourism from all over the world.

Maldives Tourism Board Testimonial


Who is LiveRich Media?

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A professional videographer and photographer with a keen eye for creativity and an undeniable talent for capturing some of the world’s most beautiful places through both videos and photos, LiveRich Media has been dedicated to showcasing these luxury sought-after destinations to the world through social media. As it stands the company has the most viral travel videos on social media with over 1 billion views.

Combining this passion with his influencer and reach in the social media industry, he is able to put his show-stopping content on the world stage. The number 1 news show ABC Nightline did a special on LiveRichMedia showcasing these accomplishment.

Our Goal

Our goal has always been to remind people of the beauty and diversity of the world we live in and inspire them to explore all these amazing destinations while also creating opportunities and traffic for our generous clients.

Especially during the post-covid economy, it is extremely important to us to help boost the tourism industry in the destinations we visit by using the viral nature of social media content to encourage the billions that see our content all over the world to travel and visit.

Influencers & Partners

We are able to achieve this goal by using our team of influencers and social media partners with a combined reach of billions that will showcase content from these destinations on their platforms in multiple ways, which include: Instagram posts, video posts, stories, Youtube videos, and Tiktok videos.

Influencer Standards

Our team consists of 20 content creators, all of whom fulfill our minimum requirements which allow us to reach billions:

Content Creators

Reach & Social Statistics


Combined Instragram Follower


Combined Reach


Average Post Engagement Rate/Influencer


Average Shares /Influencer


Weekly Impressions/Influencer


Average Photo Likes/Influencer


Average Story Views/Influencer

Sample Travel Documentary Clip from a Content Creator in Soneva Jani, Maldives

Media Partnerships

Reach & Social Statistics

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Media Partnerships

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Partner Packages

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What we require for our team

An all-expenses-paid for our full team (14 pax), including: